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Darryl Baptista lives and works in Mumbai, INDIA. 

He is a hybrid shooter and has been shooting video and stills for several years.

With cameras becoming more sophisticated, switching from stills to video is relatively easy and he is able to capture high resolution stills as well as

cinematic video.


He has several years’ experience shooting video films and runs a production house called VIDEOCRAFT, undertaking photography and video assignments. 

His wide and varied canvas of work includes video projects for the corporate sector, fashion, entertainment and public service documentaries.


VIDEOCRAFT  has a team of professional videographers and photographers to undertake assignments for the Corporate/Documentary/Fashion/Events/Wedding industry and it undertakes assignments anywhere in India as well as overseas. 

Also undertaken are multi-camera video shooting for various events.

For more information contact   Darryl Baptista

+91 9820067410




Solo photography exhibition

‘Bombay Duck to Peking Duck’ at Soul Fry Casa, Mumbai - December 2009

Bombay Duck to Peking Duck’ – that’s the catchy title that tells a tale of the splendour of the sea and the seascape that forms the very essence of a photographic exhibition by Darryl Baptista at Soul Fry Casa, Fort, in December 2009. The fresh catch, boats bobbing in the water and scenic sand catch your eye in an array of pictures clicked from Mumbai to Goa. 

You then travel to Hong Kong for a taste of the famed Peking Duck to floating restaurants, sampans and fishing villages that have a character all of their own. 

Bombay Duck to Peaking Duck poster

Solo photography exhibition

'INDIA - Faces in Rural Places' at  Gallery ATRIUM - Belgrade City Library  July 2013

The exhibition was opened by Mr.Naveen Saxena,Charge d'Affaires, Embassy of India in Belgrade.

The exhibition was listed in Ministry of External Affairs 

Indian Community Cultural Relations ( ICCR )

Indo-Serbian Cultural report 2013

INDIA-Faces in Rural Places catalogue

Photography exhibition 

'INDIA - Faces in Rural Places'  in Trstenik  during the International Art Camp,  Serbia  September 2013

Exhibition poster
Exhibition poster

Photography exhibition 

'INDIA - Faces in Rural Places' at  

Cultural Center in Ruma - Serbia  September 2014

What international photographers say about

Darryl Baptista’s photography


' Beautiful Photographs, you really captured the spirit of the country and its people so elegantly …Congratulations Darryl '


William Livingstone   Producer/Director/Photographer  for  National Geographic  USA 

Producer of the documentary  ' The Great Indian Railways ' 



"Darryl Baptista offers an amazing insight to his travelling experiences throughout India. Capturing the richness and flavours through fine art and travel photography, his photographs draw you in and swell your senses with delight.   

I had the great pleasure of meeting Darryl in person at his exhibition 

"Bombay Duck to Peking Duck" in Mumbai. Seeing his charismatic personality, and dedication to photography and capturing the finer details was truly an honourable experience" 


Warren Williams   Photographer   Auckland  NEW ZEALAND

The souls of the people can be seen through their eyes and their lives are etched on their faces! These photographs so wonderfully captured by Darryl Baptista lens speaks poignantly of their ethos and ethnic strings while letting us partake in their lives and offering, unknowingly - a glimpse of their soul!


Sebastian Zachariah   Architecture and Lifestyle Photographer   INDIA



' The photographs are nothing short of stunning. You develop rapport instantly, and your truly beautiful subjects come to life for your camera. The images capture the zeitgeist of the time and place where the people live, their countenance speaks volumes. Truly beautiful and amazing work. '


Tony Donaldson    Sports,celebrity and personality photographer, Los Angeles USA 

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